Licensing & Technology Transfer

Licensing & Technology TransferOnce intellectual property rights have been established, whether they are patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, or any other assets, intellectual property owners can use licenses and other technology transfer agreements to further market their assets and secure royalties in return. Given the global competitive landscape, many licenses and technology transfer agreements involve parties from different countries.

Rahman LLC can assist patent holders including individuals, small and large companies, government contractors, sub-contractors, prime vendors, as well as government entities maximize their IP value by negotiating favorable licensing and technology transfer agreements.

IP Valuation

IP ValuationIntellectual property is an intangible asset, and valuing IP is an important component when determining proper royalty rates and other terms of licensing and technology transfer agreements. IP valuation can involve much more than simply looking at development costs associated with the creation of the IP asset, and accordingly a thorough determination of the IP’s value is essential.

Rahman LLC can also assist in determining the proper valuation for an IP asset or IP portfolio, which can help IP holders determine proper business valuations for their companies by determining the proper accounting of the IP assets themselves.

IP Strategy

IP StrategyIntellectual property rights can yield significant returns on investment when properly created, maintained, enforced, leveraged, and managed. Developing a strategy to accomplish ROI goals for IP assets is a continuous process with many variables. The various forms of IP protection each have different mechanisms for protection and enforcement, and securing IP rights should be conducted in a strategic way in order to maximize the ROI. Strategic initiatives such as IP portfolio generation, IP acquisition, IP transfer, and IP management can be used to secure value out of intellectual property. Rahman LLC’s attorneys utilize financial, technology, and management tools and experience to assist clients develop a comprehensive IP strategy through legal rights, data rights, enforcement, programs, procedures, agreements, education, audits, and analysis.