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Information Technology

IP Strategy

Intellectual property rights can yield significant returns on investment when properly created, maintained, enforced, leveraged, and managed. Developing a strategy to accomplish...
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IP Valuation

Intellectual property is an intangible asset, and valuing IP is an important component when determining proper royalty rates and other terms of...
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Trade Secrets

The law of trade secrets protects confidential ideas, information, processes, patterns, plans, devices, formulas, and other business “know-how” from being improperly divulged...
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Copyrights protect works of authorship and are generally limited to the manner of expressing the works, but not the idea or information...
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Trademarks are intellectual property rights, which can be granted by state or federal government agencies, or they may exist through common law...
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The United States government grants exclusive rights to individuals who have created an invention. These exclusive rights are called patents and are...
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