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Information Technology

Information Technology

An ancillary practice area to IP law is information technology (IT) law. Generally, everyone that uses a computer has IT law issues pertaining to the collection, storage, collaboration, distribution, and destruction of electronic data or digital information. Entities such as technology companies, e-commerce companies, traditional and professional businesses, government contractors, government entities, hospitals, universities, web site developers, and hosting companies typically have groups of professionals within their respective organizations to manage a multitude of issues related to their digital information. Often these issues extend beyond simply managing the information and involve complex legal issues.

Given the pervasiveness of social media, digital information use continues to evolve, as does the law. Something as seemingly harmless as sending an e-mail, text, Tweet® (or any other type of instant messaging) as well as any other form of using electronic data can result in a variety of legal issues including privacy, copyright, fair use, cyber security, software licensing including end-user licenses, contracts, healthcare, trademarks, trade secrets, unfair competition, employment, tax, open-source, libel, slander, freedom of speech, import/export, consumer protection, and criminal law issues, among others.

IT law may also include cyberlaw, internet law, computer law, and telecommunications law and is governed by state, federal, and international laws and statutes. IT law often involves cross-border issues especially when software is developed overseas and on-line collaboration of projects occurs in multiple countries. Additionally, cyber security has become a significant issue for companies, and accordingly the law in this area is also cross-disciplinary. Rahman LLC’s attorneys can assist with a variety of matters under the broad spectrum of IT law, and have both in-house and private practice experience specifically focused on e-commerce, software, and IT matters.

Information Technology legal services:

  • Software licensing
  • Software (including open-source) development agreements
  • IT consulting, outsourcing, crowdsourcing, internet fair use, domain name, and web hosting agreements
  • Cybersquatting issues
  • E-commerce issues
  • Cloud computing issues
  • Data protection and privacy agreements
  • Data rights issues and agreements
  • Technology transfer agreements
  • Audits
  • Opinions
  • Litigation